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 Monaïa's Story

Heading 3

Sabrina Girard, designer & founder
"And in the end, it's not the years in your life that count. It's the life in your years."


Ever since she cought her first wave, travelling and surfing has been a passion for Sabrina, Monaïa's founder. At some point, her soulmate and her decided that they needed a change in their way of travelling and living. They quit their steady & promising jobs, sold their house, their car... pretty much everything they owned. They camperized a van, which would become their little house on wheels. The goal: head south, drive as far as possible, and surf as much as possible on the way. An adventure that was planned for a year quickly turned into two. To support their travel, they started a little jewelry business on the way, making and selling jewels on the beach in between surf sessions. Their journey took them through 16 countries.


Connecting with the communities and learn other ways of living have changed their life perspective. Living simply, connected with the day-to-day beauty of nature was the most fulfilling experience. To persue this way of living they decided to come back to Canada and move to the west coast in Ucluelet to make their new home closer to the ocean. 

Why Monaïa? Monaïa is related to our trip that begun in Montreal "Mon" to Ushuaïa "aïa", the southernmost city you can drive to in Tierra del Fuego, in Argentina.